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Rainbow Wrap-Up - UH/Vanderbilt Game Week Live Show

August 26, 2022

Just hours away from the first Hawai‘i Football game of the season, the crew - Wayne Coito, Shane "Laulauhead" Agno and Sean Eyman - are flanked by fellow Rainbow Warrior die-hards at Agave & Vine at Ala Moana for our second-ever live show.

We talk to Mike Barker (@cfbcampustour) who has been to every FBS stadium (and more!) to give us a preview of Saturday's game and to tell us why he has adopted Hawaii as one of his teams.

We also talk a new era of UH football, the "rules" fans need to follow at the games, and why the Rainbow logo must be incorporated just has much as the H logo: give us the throwback unis!

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